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When buying funeral flowers for family, please consider the following:

CASKET ARRANGEMENT - Will the casket be open or closed?

     - Closed casket arrangements are generally larger in order to cover two-thirds (2/3) of the casket



The length of the viewing will determine:

     - How open the flowers should be – Fresh flowers open up over time and depending on the surrounding temperature.  Short viewings should have more open flowers.  Longer viewings will have a mix of open flowers and flowers that will open up over time.

      - The type of flowers that may or may not be used – Some flowers do better out of water than others.  If you have a long viewing planned, we can recommend the types of flowers you should consider.



     - If known, please notify us of favourite flowers/colours of the deceased.  Some fresh flowers are not available year-round.  We will advise of suitable substitutions that match the other flowers and colours chosen.


Please call 416.485.1167 to book a funeral flower consultation.


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